Katherine Fossler

School: Lady Katherine Women's Fitness
ocation: 1920 Crestview Drive, Hudson, WI 54016
Website: lady-katherine.net/
Phone: 952-220-2366

I hadn't been doing Pole Fitness for very long when I decided to open my own studio. I really wanted to learn from someone very experienced in the industry - to have that confidence and assurance that I was teaching the moves properly and in an easy to learn format. I did alot of research before choosing Pole Fitness Studio and Fawnia. I am so glad I did! I recieved what I consider to be the best training possible - in technique and how-to-teach. Fawnia was very patient, kind, and knowledgable. She shared many administrative tips and ideas with us too which have been life-savers as I now run my own very sucessful (very busy!) studio. I highly recommend Fawnia to anyone considering a certification program or just improving their teaching technique and personal skill level. I'm not sure why anyone would go anywhere else!