Class Descriptions

Our certified instructors will make you feel comfortable and welcome as they teach you classes in pole dancing, lap dancing, striptease, belly dancing, ballet, hip hop, ballroom, boot camp, gogo dancing, yoga, zumba and more! We will help you lose weight, tone your entire body and feel energized while having fun!


Beginner Pole Classes


Starting from the ground up, by moving with your new dance partner, ‘the pole', you will learn 20 beginner pole, dance and floor moves. You will also learn how to incorporate these moves, which tighten and tone your body, into your first routine. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Perfect what you learned in level one, and lift off - performing moves with an element of challenge. Get to know your body and learn an additional 10 pole, dance and floor moves, which will produce another beautifully choreographed routine. Pre-requisite: Pole Level 1.


“Booty Pole" is an exciting combo class consisting of a fun lower body workout to tone and tighten your booty followed by pole dancing level 1 and level 2 that match your skill and fitness level. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Perfect for the beautiful 35+ ladies. Learn how to pole dance, and do it well. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Come experience a completely new fusion of dance styles! Do you enjoy the isolation technique and sensuality of Belly Dance? The eclectic playful influence of Go Go? The strength and grace of Pole? Enjoy all three in this exciting class and enter a new realm of feminine expression! Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


The perfect blend of various dance styles including but not limited to Chair dance, Floor work, Wall-dance and Burlesque Pole. We focus on pole level 1 & 2 moves and often incorporate dance props in our routines. Learn fluidity of movement and transitions in your performance. This class is suitable for all levels. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


We will help you improve your balance and core strength for pole and overall general fitness. You will learn pole techniques with proper body and hand positioning and gain upper body and core strength with this unique strength building workout. Together we will build your confidence, strength, and posture. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.


  • Learn a stage routine including pole work
  • Discuss costumes, shoes and accessories.
  • Learn conversations that make him say yes.
  • Put yourself together; practice makes perfect.
  • Included in your course is e-book Stripper Success Secrets by Fawnia.

Intermediate Pole Classes


During level three you are becoming one with your inner pole dancer. You are feeling more sexy and confident about your abilities as you learn your first handstand and building your core strength to invert! You are powerful. The 12 new pole, dance and floor moves and routine is more advanced than before, as you are now a Vixen! Pre-requisite: Pole Level 2.


As a Diva you will be introduced to even more challenging moves, including viewing the world sideways and from above as you climb to new heights! You will increase your upper body strength and improve your cardio with each move, plus learn the true Diva routine containing 15 new moves. Pre-requisite: Pole Level 3.


Learn a variety of pole and floor moves that strengthen and tone your body. All levels are welcome as we will accommodate both beginners and the elite in this extremely fun class. Yes, you too boys, come play on the pole! Pre-requisite: An open mind.


Forget the stationary bikes! This spinning class is all about the pole! Come join Trixie to learn the fundamentals of the spinning pole. The dynamics of this class will challenge both beginning and advanced students alike! Prerequisite: mastery of Level 2. (This class is not for beginners!)


Cardio, pole and strength combine to give you an invigorating workout that will keep you coming back for more! With a new format every week, your body will be in the finest form yet! Wear your runner or heels and prepare to sweat...this class is not for the delicate! Prerequisite: Pole Level 2.


You will love your new found strength in your upper body as you challenge your muscles and lift your body weight off the ground. Pre-pare to invert and master your spins & tricks with proper technique and form. Do you have a move you want to improve on? I am sure you have many! We will help you get the moves that fit you and your fitness level. Prerequisite: Pole Level 2


The perfect combination of pole tricks and sexy striptease! You learn a different routine every week. Perfect for the professional stripper, and those of you who just want to move like one. You deserve it! Prerequisite: Pole Level 2

Advanced Pole Classes


As a Sexy Siren you are becoming physically and emotionally stronger. Feeling empowered you take risks and let yourself shine as you learn 15 challenging pole, dance and floor moves. Let the music move you, and enjoy the visual art you have become with your routine as a Siren. Prerequisite: Pole Level 4.


Welcome Goddesses, as you are admired by all. Strive to achieve your best with 15 new pole and floor moves that blend together, differently then all the rest. Becoming acrobatic, with a new Level of moves, inspired by the challenge The Best of Pole Dancing has to offer. Prerequisite: Pole Level 5.


Welcome Queens, to the highest of all classes. You are The Best of the Best! Strive to achieve your best with 10 new pole moves that will complete your journey. Show off your body as climb, hang, and hold your body as pole goddesses do. As an extremely challenging test of strength put all your powers in your best routine ever! Las Vegas Look Out! Prerequisite: Pole Level 6.

Non-Pole Classes


This Belly Dancing class will focus on the fundamentals of belly dancing, which are isolation, belly rolls, chimies and hands fluidity. The second part of the class consists of a choreographed dance routine to show students how to link movements together. All done to the most popular selection of Arabic songs. As your instructor goes every year to Morocco to get updated with the newest workshops and music, you will be taught belly dancing exactly the same way it is taught in the most traditional dancing schools of Morocco, and at the same time as them. Lebanese cabaret is best known as the dramatic of belly dance but yet is poised and controlled dance movements. In This class you will learn proper posture and how to engage your muscles through the movement of the dance. You will also learn: musical interpretation, How to differentiate between different types of Arabic drum beats, and how to sync your moves and your emotional exp! resin with different types of Middle Eastern musical instruments. Most importantly it will get you in touch with your inner sensual goddess. Belly dancing is traditionally a celebration of life. All women regardless of shape or size are welcome to come celebrate life at Pole Fitness Studio. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Now it's your turn in the spotlight! Starting with the foundation steps, we will explore arm and leg variations and discover your unique style. Take a deep breath, absorb the beat and let the music and lyrics guide you through sensual dance and rhythmic cardio. During this exhilarating dance class, you will learn a fun routine, sometimes guided by eight counts and other times by lyrics and the music itself. Come join us and experience what it's like to be a star! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Reduce stress and get your blood pumping with non-contact Kickboxing! Workout to motivating music as you learn calorie burning boxing and kicking moves. Improve strength, coordination, muscle tone and endurance. All fitness levels welcome. Knockout all of the day's tension with an 'energy-packed' one, two, punch! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


- Coming Soon – Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Enjoy stretching, strengthening, breathing and feeling great during our Candlelight Yoga. Various yoga traditions are practiced such as hatha, ashtanga and Sivananda. Guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Our candle light yoga is the best way to end your day. We also offer CO-ED POWER YOGA. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Get a total body workout in our booty camp class! More commonly known as boot camp, we do lunges, squats, step-ups, crunches, plank, push-ups, and use the bands for lateral raises, curls, kick-backs, rows and more. Not sure what all this means? Come try a class, and sweat with us! Your entire body and booty will get firmer! Bring your running shoes. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


This class is Sexy meets Fun! Learn slow sensual floor, wall and chair moves that will tone your abs, butt and legs. Classes will consist of a combination of exotic dancing, jazz, lap dancing and floor work, creating a dance that will make you feel sexy and powerful! You are welcome to bring your heels and a zipper/button up shirt to remove! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Learn all those naughty moves you see dancers doing whilst giving lap dances or onstage. Chair, wall and floor will be yours to play with in this fun dance class you will look forward to every week. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Learn actual GoGo Dancing moves as seen in Vegas's hottest clubs, such as Moon, XS, and inside the HARD ROCK casino. Experiment with your arms as you give each sound meaning, and speak with your hips as you rock the beat. This cardio class will have you sweating and burning calories with a smile. Hey, you may even get a job as a gogo dancer! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


You will learn a combination of Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin and other world dance set to Hip Hop music. Learn choreography and freestyle (improvisational) to how to perform breaking and popping. We will be sweating to the beats with high energy dancing after learning the basic moves from different dance styles. This is a great workout for beginners and the experienced dancer. This Hip Hop Fusion class focuses strongly on performance dance. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Let us introduce you to your sexy side with lap dancing basics. We will teach you what makes lap dancing so fun and sexy to perform. Learn step-by-step: sensual movements, hip circles, body waves, wall moves, transitions, body language and moves on the floor and chair. Lap dancing is a fun way to work out and you won't even know you are 'at the gym'. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Just like in Lap Dance Basics, you will learn sensual, fun moves that make up a sexy lap dance, right down to the transitions of grinding facing your partner, facing away, booty shaking and popping and more. You can take your dance and present it as a anniversary gift or a fun Christmas surprise. You will be "all wrapped up in a bow." Our lap dancing courses are also perfect to help you regain the power of your inner goddess. Set yourself free and boost your confidence. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Learn the fundamentals of Pilates from our in house certified Pilates instructor. In a small class setting, you will learn the correct Pilates techniques, posture analysis and Pilates mat work based on the original Pilates exercises by Joseph Pilates. Improve strength, flexibility, balance, core stability, reduce stress, and provide a mild cardiovascular effect. Class space is limited. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Sizzling Salsa will have you quickly burning up the dance floor! Learn how to easily add fire, flare, and femininity, to your dance moves. This class will teach you all about body isolation techniques, so that you can express Latin Rhythms with a graceful style. Spicy hips, alluring arms, and elegant legs will all become a part of you as you learn the latest professional footwork and spinning techniques. Ladies of all levels are welcome. Turn up the heat with Sizzling Salsa, and become the fire of his desire! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


The best stretch class you will ever attend! Improve your flexibility and open up a whole new world of movement in both pole dancing and in life. Stretching and flexibilty helps reduce chance of injury and can lower stress. This class will also help tone your body, open up your hips and increase your strength by up to 20%. Our stretching class is a must for every pole fitness student! Lisa incorporates laugher making stretching fun! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Toning Ballet involves postural and alignment work with flexibility to define and lengthen the muscles. This class incorporates moves from various disciplines in basic ballet, Pilates, contemporary dance, and yoga. The class involves stretching, a standing ballet bar, core sculpting, and across-the-floor work. Each class ends with a choreographed ballet dance or otherwise known as 'adagio'. Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba® Fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life! Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcome.


We offer privates lessons in wide variety of dance and fitness forms: Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, Striptease, GoGo Dancing, Ballroom, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Pilates and Yoga. Privates are very beneficial to work on areas specific to you; whether you want a poster analysis with Pilates, a private lap dance for your significant other, a stage routine or a specific strength and/or flexibility routine. Our certified instructors are experts in their field and will patiently help you achieve your creative fitness goals. Please contact us to schedule your private sessions.


As a pole princess member you can use the studio for practice when it's not in use. This is free of charge for all active members. Call us to reserve the studio. Non-members rent for $45/hour Our Pole Dancing Classes and other Fun Fitness Classes will help you LOSE WEIGHT * GET FIT * FEEL SEXY * TONE MUSCLE * HAVE FUN * REDUCE CELLULITE * FEEL EMPOWERED * STAY YOUNG * INCREASE FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH * FEEL CONFIDENT * BE HAPPY! We are the experts in BACHELORETTE PARTIES * LADIES NIGHT OUT PARTIES * BIRTHDAYS * TEAM BUILDING * and we are looking forward to meeting you!

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